Things to do in Central, Hong Kong (Day 2)

Welcome to day 2 Hong Kong , my friends!

Started the day by walking up north, to SOHO area, Hong Kong Island.

It was an hour before finally finding this place: Ding Dim 1968. This place is a tiny but cosy place tucked in between nondescript street signs. It took awhile as offline maps weren’t as accurate.

By the time food was ordered, I was famished. Hence, only this photo was taken. The first dish to arrive =D Yummy.

Crispy Char Siew Pao aka Crispy Pork Bun at Ding Dim 1968

Next, we walked around the area, till we reach Lan Fong Yuen, another popular eatery  with tourists and locals. This is another must try because it was so packed with locals and tourists when we arrived!

Opposite to Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics on Granville Road

Don’t be alarmed if you are forced to share tables. It is apparently common practice here. As is the minimum spending per person, for this shop was HKD 23.

French Toast and Plain Butter Bun with Milk Tea – Total HKD 52

After this , it was walking from SOHO to Central Hong Kong.

Between that, it was sight-seeing and shopping in the financial district of Central where handsome tailored men in suits and lady with expensive branded bags tend to their stock market and high-profile business meetings.

‘Dinner time’ at a popular after work hangout area around Central, Lan Kwai Fong.

We ended up not trying Mak’s noodles, which is very famous in Hong Kong but another noodle shop across from it, Tsim Chai Kee noodle house at Wellington Street. This restaurant is not strictly at Lan Kwai Fong area but in close proximity.

King’s Prawn Wonton Mee – HKD 28/bowl

The noodle is a must try! Slurp! Some say it is as good as Mak’s Noodles or even better.

Next, dessert , who can skip some tau foo far? I couldn’t resist dropping by a dessert shop, ‘Dream Tofu’ that looks so cute and cosy.

Too excited for some nice warm dessert! The weather was slightly chilly as well.

Dream Tofu – so Yummy.
Soya Bean Custard with Ginger -HKD 27 – SO GOOD =D
Popular among after work crowd – Bars and Drinks

After mingling with the suit and ties, we walked from Central, passed Admiralty, and stumbled upon this amazing beautiful place in Wan Chai Hong Kong, The Lee Tung Avenue.

Lee Tung Avenue

See those chairs in the middle? Take a seat there, chill under the lanterns and let the breeze hit your face.

I sat here for a good half an hour, and loved every second of it.


Till we meet again the next day!


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