Day 1 Hong Kong : The Peak & Central Pier

Hello my friends!

I have decided to start a personal blog to share my travel to HONG KONG and MACAU with you guys.

Arrived in Hong Kong approx. 10.30am on Monday.

Took the airport express shuttle to HONG KONG station.

Inside the airport express shuttle train, there’s a free charging USB port to charge your devices and free WiFi.

Airport Express Shuttle Train Interior

TIP 1: You can get cheaper price if you buy it online with KLOOK. Sign up and pay using credit card in your preferred currency.

At HONG KONG station (green line of the MTR station) , there is a free shuttle bus to various places. Check whether yours fit into any of them.

Airport Shuttle Bus – Waiting area at HONG KONG Station

TIP 2: The criteria needed is that you must have used the airport express shuttle train in order to get the free ride.

We found a food place nearby our hotel. I was starving!

Green Island Restarant, where it serves local Hong Kong food.

Fried Rice, Fried Noodles and Milk Tea

It was around tea time, so we were able to order the food off as a set, which is cheaper by comparison than ordering a meal and drink separately. Effectively, you save the cost of the drink by as much as HKD17.

TIP 3: Most local restaurants have per person minimum spending at HKD25 (rates depend on restaurants).

Walking towards MTR

Next off, The Peak! This is a very popular tourist destination in Hong Kong.

The closest MTR station to our hotel was SHEUNG WAN station. From Sheung Wan station, take the MTR to Central Station and exit from J2. From there, walk following the signage on the board. These are super friendly signage and will lead you to your destination quite easily.

View on the way to The Peak

It was packed with tourists when we arrived. It was so packed, I couldn’t even take a picture!

Octopus Card

TIP 4: USE the Octopus Card, you will thank me when you see the crowd queuing for the ticket. Make sure you have at least HKD 70 in the card (one way). The Tram ride costs minimum HKD45 not including the The Peak Sky Terrace which is additional charge of around HKD 25.

The view here is beautiful.

IMG_0470 copy
View from The Peak

TIP 5: It gets quite windy here during early March. Bring a thicker jacket.

Again the queue for the Peak Tram is crazy for the return journey.

TIP 6: Another way down from The Peak is by bus. Take bus 15C. The bus route ends at Central Pier.

Central Pier is also near the Star Ferry Pier.

From here, it is within walking distance to Hong Kong Observation Wheel.

IMG_0501 copy
Hong Kong Observation Wheel
Central Pier View

On the pedestrian walkway to MTR station from Central Pier;

Apple. “and this is when I haven’t seen the three levelled apple flagship store.”

Meet the walkway;

So sleek!

That’s it for day one Hong Kong. Super exhausted and hungry. If you realised, there was a lot of walking and not much food stores around this area, unless you are prepared to spend upper class food. =D

We ended up in McDonald’s for dinner, by now.. supper time actually.

Stay tune for day 2 Hong Kong!

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