Things to do in Central, Hong Kong (Day 2)

Welcome to day 2 Hong Kong , my friends!

Started the day by walking up north, to SOHO area, Hong Kong Island.

It was an hour before finally finding this place: Ding Dim 1968. This place is a tiny but cosy place tucked in between nondescript street signs. It took awhile as offline maps weren’t as accurate.

By the time food was ordered, I was famished. Hence, only this photo was taken. The first dish to arrive =D Yummy.

Crispy Char Siew Pao aka Crispy Pork Bun at Ding Dim 1968

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Day 1 Hong Kong : The Peak & Central Pier

Hello my friends!

I have decided to start a personal blog to share my travel to HONG KONG and MACAU with you guys.

Arrived in Hong Kong approx. 10.30am on Monday.

Took the airport express shuttle to HONG KONG station.

Inside the airport express shuttle train, there’s a free charging USB port to charge your devices and free WiFi.

Airport Express Shuttle Train Interior

TIP 1: You can get cheaper price if you buy it online with KLOOK. Sign up and pay using credit card in your preferred currency.

At HONG KONG station (green line of the MTR station) , there is a free shuttle bus to various places. Check whether yours fit into any of them.

Airport Shuttle Bus – Waiting area at HONG KONG Station

TIP 2: The criteria needed is that you must have used the airport express shuttle train in order to get the free ride.

We found a food place nearby our hotel. I was starving!

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First blog post

Hi there! How have you all been doing?

Life’s good and cheer up, mates!

When you are feeling down, read my blog! When you’re happy, like my blog 🙂

I started this blog mainly because I wanted to share with you my travel to Hong Kong and Macau.

But then again, I thought, maybe I could do more than travel. So be warned, I will be posting on all things related to me!

Feel free to comment at any times and anywhere.


So what are you all waiting for?

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